Sun Hee Food

You will lie on a chair, bathe right after exercising or plunge into food to make up for losing too much effort while training is completely misconceptions.
According to experts, creating healthy habits after training is essential to maintaining optimal health. In particular, if you're trying to lose weight, the wrong actions done after practice can break your efforts.


Is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Most experts recommend, promptly supplement the essential nutrients lost during exercise, while supporting the recovery process and if trying to lose weight, the choice of nutrition is loaded into the body. even more difficult
Each cup of Korean rice Sun-Hee contains only about 50 calories (less than the calories in a small bowl of rice) and does not contain cholesterol, made from pure rice, produced by Korean standards, ensuring the quality and food safety
Sun-Hee rice water is a non-animal fat drink, which makes rice water a pure, benign drink. Helps to provide enough water and body heat, no fat and no cholesterol, so it will not cause indigestion
Because there is no refined sugar, natural sweetness is extracted from rice so when drinking it will not happen the risk of liberating insulin.
Thanks to the composition of rice, rice water contains manganese and selenium iron, vitamins that boost the immune system, compensate for energy and make the body feel better.
This is the ideal drink for nutritional loading before and after training sessions.

Stretching and performing recovery exercises:

Stretch muscles before and after workout sessions and perform some very important restorative actions to maintain healthy joints, strong muscles and prevent trauma as well as relieve stress and improve sleep. The night is more effective for practice.

Practicing sports to help your body stay healthy, Korean rice water Sun-Hee is an additional energy supplement for your training session.