Sun Hee Food

Many people still think that Korean Sun-Hee Korean rice is only for women, but the following analysis will help us to have a broader view of the benefits of rice water for all your family members:

Rice water is considered a pure drink, made from white rice, does not contain animal fat or anything related to animals, produced according to Korean standards, if stimulated with lactose (a substance that has in cow's milk), including those who cannot use soy milk, almonds can still drink normal rice water
Thanks to the composition of rice, rice contains manganese and selenium, which help to protect against skin and help the body to avoid infections and cancer, thus boosting the immune system. all ages. Rice water should be used for babies 5 years of age and older, because manganese is a mineral that supports the absorption of baby food and selenium enhances your baby's immune system.
Do not contain cholesterol, so dieters and elders are very suitable
The content of vitamin B in rice water is very high, so it is good for metabolism as well as nerve functions, suitable for almost all ages with the pressure in work life and physical activity.
Rice contains Niacin, vitamin B6, iron, helps control blood pressure well, increases cardiovascular health. In older people, there is a risk of vitamin B6 deficiency, so it is necessary to supplement the "natural" vitamins in foods and drinks.


We still know "Rice" is a gift of heaven and earth, so rice-based products are "Jade" products, Sun-Hee rice water (also known as rice milk) can be likened like "Jade" for our Vietnamese families