Korean Rice Water Sun-Hee Bottle 500Ml

Product code: NG500


Product Description


. Made from pure rice

. Manufactured according to Korean standards

. "Refined" sugar

. No protein

. No cholesterol

. Benign


Sun-Hee Korean rice water, also known as rice milk, is a traditional drink of Koreans. This kind of water is being popularly used in Vietnam, and is especially loved by women. Add nutritional deficiencies, provide energy, good for human health

In addition, Sun-Hee Rice Water has many uses:

. Reducing stress, concentration - sedation reduces insomnia

. Helps beautify skin & prevent aging

. Do not cause weight gain

. Supply and renew energy

. Healthy & good for the digestive system

. Made from pure rice without milk and animal fat, it can be used for allergic or non-dairy users.

. No cholesterol, good for cardiovascular and stable blood pressure

. "Refined" sugar should not cause weight gain and no risk of insulin release

Ingredient: Water, purified rice (45%), vegetable cream, maltodexmaltodextrin, synthetic roasted rice, emulsified rice (E473), preservative (E211), synthetic sweetener (sucralose), acid regulator (E330), antioxidant (vitamin C)


. Suitable for all ages (children aged 5+)

. Family, grandparents, parents, descendants and themselves

. Officer

. Exercise and exercise sports


. Use to drink directly, better when kept cold

. After opening the lid, it is best to use it for 24 hours

Capacity: 500 Ml

Pack: Pet Bottle / Container of 20 bottles